Celebrate Pet Sitters Week with Us – 6 Super Hero Pet Sitter Stories

  • super-hero-dog

Today marks the official start of Pet Sitters Week – a week dedicated to celebration of the role of professional pet sitters in today’s pet care industry.

At the APSE we have chosen to celebrate this annual event by sharing the stories of 6 heroic pet sitters who in their everyday job of caring for pets went above and beyond and were a Super Hero Sitter for their clients.

Starting tomorrow (Monday 7th March) at the Association of Pet Sitting Excellence blog we’ll be bringing you the stories of these sitters:

Gus Elfving – owner of Pet Peeps in Washington, DC – Monday, March 7
Tori Lattig – co-owner of Endless Pawsibilities in Toms River, NJ – Tuesday, March 8
Miranda Murdock – owner of My Pet’s Buddy in Shrevesport, LA – Wednesday, March 9
Jan Brown – owner of Jan’s Pet Sitting in Foster City, CA – Thursday, March 10
Bella Vasta – owner of Bella’s House and Pets in Scottsdale, AZ – Friday, March 11
Jason Hoffman – owner of 203 Pet Service in Fairfield, CT – Saturday, March 12

I’m sure we are just touching the tip of the iceberg with these tales or heroism.  As pet sitters each and every one of us has had an experience where we have gone above what is expected of us to come through and save the day for our clients.

If you want to share your story – we’d love to hear it!  Please leave a comment here on Working with Pets – or on the APSE blog.

How are you celebrating this special week for Pet Sitters?



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