Using Video To Market Your Business – Free Tips!

Well here we are at Friday already – almost a full week into the new year.  What plans do you have to market your business this year?  Do they include any video?

Video is definitely a hot topic online.   Having video on your website lets you connect more personally with potential clients – and studies have shown that people will stick around longer to watch information presented via video that they will read the text on your page.  As well as showing video on your website, video is a great tool to also use on your social media pages such as Facebook.  Having your videos uploaded to You Tube can also help you gain more visibility in the search engines.

Getting started with video is really very inexpensive and easy.  I started with a hand held Flip video camera which costs less than $150 and is super simple to use.  You can also use most digital cameras to make video too and upload to your computer.

I’m always nervous in front of the camera and I forget what I’m planning to say – but this year I plan to do plenty of practice and hopefully cut down on the number of takes I have to do to get a video produced.  Of course it’s really not important to look professional in your videos.  People want to see you as your authentic self – so feel free to make your videos casual!

Today I have 2 free resources for you if you are interested in learning to use more video in your marketing:

1) Melissa Ingold from Marketing Sweetie has put together a free quick report- 23 Tips for Creating Integrity Driven Video

2) A lengthier report from Australian marketer Gideon Shalwick which explains how to rank in Google by using video blogging:

This second one is a teaser for his Rapid video program – but it contains so many great tips including how to inexpensively set up to start making your own videos.

If you have already started to make your own video and use it in your marketing please leave a comment and tell us where to find you on the small screen.   To see one of my recent attempts you can check out my simple video for my new goal planning worksheet here:



  1. Hi Danielle, thanks for the pointers. I agree, video will be huge this year and is something everyone should try to integrate into their blog posts (I’m limping along here on my equine blog, but have a goal to get this mastered in 2011). It’s also a good strategy for revenue-based activities. Good luck to you in this effort as well.

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